Ion-imaging studies of photodissociation dynamics

Please see our recent publications:

Fully state-selected Velocity Map Imaging Study of the near threshold photodissociation of NO2: variation of the angular anisotropy parameter
S J Matthews, S Willitsch and T P Softley, PCCP 9 5656 (2007)

Velocity-map imaging study of the photodissociation of acetaldehyde
H A Cruse and T P Softley, J Chem Phys, 122 124303 (2005)

Demonstration of the combination of slice-imaging and Rydberg tagging for studies of photodissociation dynamics
H A Cruse and T P Softley, J Chem Phys, 121 4089 (2004)

Spatial discrimination of Rydberg tagged molecular photofragments in an inhomogeneous electric field
O L A Monti, H A Cruse, S R Mackenzie and T P Softley, J Chem Phys 115 7924 (2001)

Rapidly fluctuating anisotropy parameter in the near-threshold photodissociation of NO2
O L A Monti, H Dickinson, S R Mackenzie and T P Softley J Chem Phys 112 3699 (2000)

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