Photodissociation and Rydberg spectroscopy

 Please see our recent publications:

The ZEKE and phootionization spectra of ND3, with an ab initio MQDT simulation
L Duggan, T P Softley, M Hiyama, J Tennyson, R Seiler, H Hollenstein, F Merkt, in preparation (2007)

The Stark effect in the predissociating Rydberg states of NO
B B Clarson, S R Procter, A L Goodgame and T P Softley, in preparation (2007)

Ab-initio quantum defect calculation for the simulation of the photoionization spectrum of ammonia
L Duggan, T P Softley, M Hiyama, J Tennyson, R Seiler, H Hollenstein and F Merkt, in preparation (2007)

Rovibronic photoionization dynamics of ammonia isotopomers
U Hollenstein, F Merkt, L Meyer, T P Softley and S Willitsch , Molec Phys In Press (2007)

Multichannel quantum defect theory simulations of the Rydberg spectra of HCO
S A Brownbill and T P Softley, Mol Phys, 103, 2347 (2005)

Applications of molecular Rydberg states in chemical dynamics and spectroscopy
T P Softley, Int Rev Phys Chem 23, 1 (2004)

High-resolution threshold-ionization spectroscopy of NH3
R Seiler, U Hollenstein, T P Softley, and F Merkt, J Chem Phys 118, 10024 (2003)

Study of the Stark effect in the v+ = 1 autoionizing Rydberg states of NO
AL Goodgame, H Dickinson, SR Mackenzie and TP Softley, J Chem Phys, 116 4922 (2002)

Multichannel quantum defect theory (MQDT) analysis of the (2+1') Mass Analyzed Threshold Ionization (MATI) Spectroscopy of NH3
H Dickinson, D Rolland and T P Softley, J Phys Chem A 105, 5590 (2001)

(2+1') Mass Analyzed Threshold Ionization (MATI) Spectroscopy of the CD3 radical
H Dickinson, T Chelmick and TP Softley, Chem Phys Lett, 338, 37 (2001)

High Resolution photoionization spectroscopy of vibrationally excited ArNO,
O L A Monti, H A Cruse, S R Mackenzie and T P Softley, Chem Phys Lett, 333, 146 (2001)

(2+1) REMPI and (2+1’) MATI Spectroscopy of H2O
H Dickinson, S R Mackenzie and T P Softley, Phys Chem Chem Phys 2, 4669, (2000)

The dynamics of high Rydberg states in the presence of time-dependent inhomogeneous fields
S R Procter, M J Webb and T P Softley, Faraday Discussion 115, 277, (2000)

Rydberg state decay in inhomogeneous electric fields
T P Softley and R J Rednall, J Chem Phys 112, 7992 (2000)

Multichannel quantum defect theory stark effect calculation of autoionization lifetimes in high-n Rydberg states of Ar, N2 and H2
T P Softley, A J Hudson and R Watson J Chem Phys, 106 1041 (1997)

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